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Duterte’s long-overdue assertion does not fulfill his empty promises on West Philippine Sea — fishers group

Manila, Philippines — “Sham rhetoric, long overdue, and nothing but to save himself from international isolation,” this was how the militant fishers’ group Pambansang Lakas ng Kilusang Mamamalakaya ng Pilipinas (PAMALAKAYA) described Duterte’s invoking of Philippines’ international legal victory in a maritime dispute with China during the United Nations General Assembly.

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In response to Presidential Spokesman Harry Roque’s remark on Manila Bay fish kill

First of all, some of the dead fishes found in the shorelines of Baseco were actually the hybrid tilapia, locally known as “arroyo”. It belongs to euryhaline species, a type of aquatic organism that can adapt to high levels of salinity. It is not the common tilapia that can be cultured and only suitable in freshwater and low-salinity waters. But most of the dead fishes were Manila Bay’s endemic such as the common whiting or “asohos”, biya, kanduli, among others.

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On Baseco fish kill

This fish kill is an indication that Manila Bay is degraded as it is. It‘s environmental degradation is supposed to be the main concern that the DENR should be seriously addressing, not busying itself with some kind of “beach nourishment” that is actually ephemeral aesthetics, but irrelevant to rehabilitation.

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