The Fisherfolk Shelter for Stewards (FISH) Program

  1. What is Fisherfolk Shelter for Stewards Program?DSC00436

According to Aquino’s administration, the Fisherfolk Shelter for Stewards Program (FISH) Program is a national strategy for a secure and decent shelter on coastal areas.

By now, there is a framework on Executive Order regarding the FISH Program. According to Aquino’s Administration:

  • The Executive Order (EO) is to recognize the effect of climate change that worsens the damage on fisherfolk communities.
  • Aside from the calamities, overfishing, illegal fishing, use of cyanide and dynamite fishing destroys the fishing areas which intensify the poverty incidence of small-scale fisherfolk.
  • Base on National Stock Assessment Program of Department of Agriculture (DA) and Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR), fishing areas in the Philippines are already over exploited and this is a threat on the production of fish in the country. That’s why it creates the Task Force for FISH Program with the help of Department of Agriculture, BFAR and National Anti-Poverty Commission (NAPC).
  1. What is our analysis and position regarding the FISH Program?The fisherfolk settlement program is a SHAM and an anti-fisherfolk, anti-poor, and anti-citizen.

The FISH Program is a program of the current regime for the sake of foreign investors, corporations and huge businesses in the framework of Public-Private Partnership (PPP) program. This is a part of the national land use policy to steal the wealth and resources of the country.

  1. How did we say that this is an anti-small-scale fisherfolk and the people?The worse and wicked agenda of fish settlement program is to remove the fisherfolks and poor citizens in the coastal areas in order to give way to the big businesses such as the export processing zone. The implementation of the No Build Zone Policy is to prohibit the fisherfolks to build houses 40 meters away from the shoreline in order to effectively remove the small fisherfolks.

    Under the FISH Program:

  • The Philippine government is very eager to reduce the number of small fisherfolks and to displace their large numbers from fishing areas and communities.
  • The small fisherfolks can no longer build houses in the coastal areas. There will be only a fishing village.
  • The fishermen that can only live in the fishing villages are:- just a few compare before because the government implements the national    registration program. They will just set the actual number of fishermen that they will allow to fish. They will also be strict and regulate the equipments, sizes of boat, usage of net and number of fishing days in order to bring back the healthiness of the fishing areas.

Though the FISH Program is not yet passed by the law, its severe effect and impact were already experienced by the fisheries sector.

  1. 4.      What are the primary effects of the FISH Program in the small-scale fisherfolks?
  • Forced evacuation, wide demolition and dislocation in the livelihoods and communities.
  • 3.9 million Families in Laguna Lake and around 5 million families in Manila bay will be demolished.
  • Destruction of fishing areas
  1. 5.      What should we do?
  • Undertake discussion regarding FISH Program and unite the small fisherfolks and the people to expose and oppose the maneuver of the regime.
  • Unite the organizations and fisheries organizations for the campaign against FISH Program of Aquino’s Administration.
  • Launch campaigns, protests and mobilizations to oppose the fraud FISH Program.
  1. 6.      Our Calls









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