PAMALAKAYA reaction on Pemberton’s absolute Pardon

PAMALAKAYA reaction on Pemberton’s absolute Pardon

Duterte’s pardon grant to murderer Pemberton is absolute puppetry, and deserves a strong indignation from the Filipinos for submitting to the foreign interest.

The absolute pardon for Pemberton is a continuing injustice and furthers the brutal killing of our very own Jennifer Laude. Moreover, it is injustice and treason to the Filipino people and our independence as a nation.

It is a go-signal for any foreign troopers that they can trample on the rights of Filipinos and even commit heinous crimes with guarantee of special treatment and eventual pardon.

Pemberton’s special treatment while serving his sentence and now his absolute pardon were made possible by the unfair Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA), which the Duterte regime itself has failed to terminate. We call on the patriotic and freedom-loving Filipinos to defy this absolute puppetry of the Duterte regime to the United States, and collectively demand the junking of the VFA and other unequal military and economic treaties with any other country.

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