On Baseco fish kill

On Baseco fish kill

“This fish kill is an indication that Manila Bay is degraded as it is. It‘s environmental degradation is supposed to be the main concern that the DENR should be seriously addressing, not busying itself with some kind of “beach nourishment” that is actually ephemeral aesthetics, but irrelevant to rehabilitation.

It is a manifestation of the government’s failure and negligence to revive Manila Bay’s marine and fishery resources, as ordered by no less than the Supreme Court through its 2008 mandamus directing several government agencies to restore and rehabilitate the historic bay.

A few days before the fish kill, residents gathered along the shores of Baseco as Manila Bay’s endemic Common Whiting fish, locally known as “asuhos”, beached themselves in shallow waters. Some fishermen already warned of environmental factors that cause the rare phenomenon such as ecological disturbance.

While there is still no established connection between the recent fish kill and the ongoing infamous beach nourishment project, we call on the BFAR to get to the bottom of this; conduct water sampling and laboratory analysis for possible water pollution.

But moreover, the DENR, being the head agency of the Manila Bay rehabilitation drive, should not waste time and resources in some baloney makeover, and instead focus on a genuine restoration of its ecosystem to prevent such tragic phenomenon to happen.” Fernando Hicap, PAMALAKAYA National Chairperson. ###

Photos by NILAD.

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