PAMALAKAYA’s reaction to another round of dolomite filling in Manila Bay

“Ang kailangan ngayon ng mga tao ay kumpletong doses ng vaccine, bakit tayo bibigyan ng 2nd dose ng buhangin?

What’s with the priority? The country still endures a public health crisis which is far from over. The people urgently need anti-COVID vaccines and an adequate health care, not a continuous beach nourishment project that is highly irrelevant and an explicit waste of funds.

We reiterate that this white sand filling is not rehabilitation, but a white washing of government’s failure to restore the biodiversity of Manila Bay.

The material being filled along the coastline is as synthetic and fake as the government’s rehabilitation campaign. It is a mass deception to make it appear that the Manila Bay is already restored when it is crystal clear that it is deteriorated as it is.

The supposed mission of the Manila Bay rehabilitation program is clear; but officials of the DENR are persistent with this unsustainable, band-aid cure, and financially unviable project.

“We urge the remaining sensible government officials to act for the termination of this insane project,” ###

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