PAMALAKAYA to next PNP chief: repair the damage Sinas has done

The incoming PNP chief is facing serious challenges in regards to refurbishing the publicly-disdained institution.

Although we believe that a new leadership would not make a systematic overhaul to the institutionally-fascist police forces, it is still a challenge to incoming chief Guillermo Eleazar to take a 180-degree turn on his predecessor’s policies especially concerning police operations that violate human rights.

Mr. Eleazar must once and for all put an end to the culture of impunity, disregard on the rule of law, and state-sponsored violence such as the tokhang-style execution and illegal arrests of activists and suspected drug addicts.

As gesture of goodwill, he must immediately abort all the standing questionable search and arrest warrants against activists that transcend from his predecessor.

Mr. Eleazar must repair the terrible damage that former police chief Debold Sinas has inflicted. This could only be done when accountability is sought for the victims of dubious police operations that led to arbitrary arrests and detentions, grave human rights abuses, and extra-judicial killings. ###

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